6 febbraio 2012

Queen Elizabeth in Gostilna: program obiska je nared!

Začenjamo z rubriko English corner. Tokrat vam ponujamo v branje pismo, ki ga je veleposlanik Gostilne v Združenem kraljestvu (taksist Hamed Shumarah) danes zjutraj oddal vratarjem Buckingamske palače.

Dear "Vecia ruga" (old wrinkle), our esteemed friend Her Majesty Elizabeth,

at first congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee. Also your web-site for this special occasion is nice.

Anyway, when you will have a free day, you are invited here by us. Here is the programm of a your hypothetical visit.

Program of the visit

9.00 - landing of your plane on the airport near Briščiki. Anthems played by Saleška banda (God save the Queen and Piccola e fragile). Welcome message from a member of Gostilna's editorial board (maybe Sir Long Stano).

10.00 - welcome breakfast by Kržada (Prosek); you can see how speaks MrkBn. Short meeting with Edi Bukavec and the establishment of Agricultural union / Kmečka zveza.

10.45 - glass of wine at Društvena gostilna in Gabrovec. Meeting with Nikol R., the winner of golden guest (zlati gost) 2011. A romantic dance called "quanta grazia" between Her Majesty and Igor Č.

12.00 - Lunch at Gostilna Guštin in Zgonik (Lidia's češpljevi njoki/plum's njoki and other local specialities). Waitress Tajrim will serve with mudands outside trousers (another speciality). Short meeting with the cute dog Tor. Short lecture of beeing blond by Madalena and Alice.

13.30 - Visit of the wonderful bankomat in Zgonik; welcome messagge by Zgonik's mayor Sardoč.

14.15 - Opčine, Prosvetni dom: Igor M. (winner of genijalada) will explain you what is "the animal" and will present you the great cultural show "Kraški pust".

15.00 - coffee by Bar Vatta, short meeting with Roby Zuegg (another speciality of our land).

15.30 - short footing on Napoleonska with Peter V. (here is really welcome also Pippa Middleton in appropriate shorts, better without them).

16.30 - free shower in Stazione Centrale / Railway Station in Trieste/Trst.

17.00 - after a short walk, tea-time at Gelateria Arnoldo. Your tea co-drinker will be Nevio Bidu.

17.45 - bier in the closer Legend pub. Poems reading by TomSkar and Miroslav Košuta (with the voice of Lino Banfi).

18.30 - Piazza Unità (the main square in Trieste): short meeting with mayor Alf Cosolini and a great show organized by association Drugamuzika (ask mr. Petaros): Pero Lovšin, Ansambel Nebojsega, Drupi, Dj Paps and special offer guitars quartet (Miloš K., Mitja M., Peter V. and Keith Richards). Light show by Renzo (Jakob).

21.00 - Dinner by Taverna Scalo Legnami. Eating competitions with Alen Lena. If you will be still alive, photo shooting with the inscription Gostilna with gostilna's people (Andreja, Jaruška ...). Pics taken by Gregor B. and Martin M.

00.00 - Back to the airport (Pippa can stay with us).

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